Holotropic Breathwork® Association of North America is a network of Holotropic Breathwork® practitioners in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico who have been certified by Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT). We provide information and support for people interested in exploring the healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork®. 


Our vision as facilitators and organizers is to make the powerful healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork® (HB) as accessible as possible to people who are interested and/or in need of this work; ensuring that “breathers” have access to qualified HB facilitators who work with ethics and compassion, and who are able to provide a safe set-and-setting and the support needed for individual processes.

Our vision is to foster personal transformation and healing, not only for the individual, but also on the collective level; by cooperating across borders and allowing Holotropic Breathwork® to take place in diverse groups across boundaries of all sorts; and with international teams of facilitators whenever possible.

 ...we have the opportunity to embark on the journey of personal recovery and rediscovery that ultimately leads to wholeness and equilibrium."

- Christina Grof (The Thirst for Wholeness)