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Here you can find “Holotropic Events” all over Northamerica (US-Mexico-Kananda). You can either look at all events or filter your search by Holotropic Breathwork™ Workshops, Grof Transpersonal Training™ Modules and others such as lectures and conferences on Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy. Furthermore, you can search events by date, location and/or facilitators.

Holotropic Breathwork™ Workshops offer you the opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork™ as a breather and sitter (see: ). The workshops usually offer an introduction and some theory input on Holotropic Breathwork™ and allow for deep self-experience when exploring your own inner world and psyche during the breathwork. Most of those workshops are weekend workshops and last between 2-4 days depending on the number of breathwork sessions. Some workshops are centered around a theme and give further theoretical and experiential input. They usually last longer (4-6 days).

GTT modules allow – like the workshops – for deep inner self-experience and healing through 4 breathwork sessions and give further input on the theoretical and practical framework of Holotropic Breathwork™. They are open to everybody and don’t require any breathwork experience. However, they offer the possibility to walk the path of becoming a Holotropic Breathwork™ Practitioner. 

Other events inform you about conferences and lectures on Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy as well as speeches and online events.

Due to Covid-19 in many countries it is currently not possible to organize Holotropic Breathwork® events. To be sure please contact your local facilitator (see: network). Many facilitators offer online support during this crisis time (for this please, contact your local facilitator). For online group support please see the events below!

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