Wait list for Holotropic Breathwork® in Bellingham, WA

29 Sep 2023 / Grof Transpersonal Training Workshop / 0 spots left

Holotropic Breathwork® is a rich and potent tool for the exploration and understanding of personal consciousness.

Using the breath and evocative music, the workshop group creates a supportive space where participants can access expanded states of awareness and the Inner Healer, the innate healing wisdom of consciousness within each of us.

During the workshop, participants have the opportunity to be both a breather and a sitter. While breathing, participants may have sensory, biographical, perinatal, or transpersonal experiences that provide opportunities to address unfinished business from the past, traumatic events, cycles of birth/death/rebirth, or a variety of encounters with the inner and outer worlds. As a sitter, participants will help create a safe, supportive container for their breather to journey within.

GTT Certified HB Facilitators, welcome you to an atmosphere of sacredness and safety for a weekend of deep inner work, transformation, and healing.


Janet Kingsley

Janet Kingsley
Janet Kingsley first visited the Holotropic Breathwork® mat in 2010. It was love at first journey and not quite one year later she was fly...


5685 Sand Rd,, Bellingham United States, 98226