Holotropic Breathwork & Nature Immersion: Journey Into Expanded States of Consciousness

25 Sep 2023 / 150 lake drive, rhinebeck US, / Double-Breathwork Workshop with Certified HB Facilitator to complete Virtual Module /

Explore the healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork® and rewilding in nature with Drs. Laurane McGlynn and Tom Francescott.

Drawing upon ancient healing and spiritual practices as well as modern consciousness research, Drs. Laurane McGlynn and Tom Francescott cocreate a safe, supportive, and sacred space for you to experience the healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork®.

The Holotropic Breathwork process combines accelerated breathing, evocative music sets, and focused energy release work, which activates the inner healing potential of the breather. In this double breathwork workshop, you experience four Holotropic Breathwork sessions along with time for connection and integration in nature.

Whether you are new to Holotropic Breathwork, or highly experienced, this workshop can help you reconnect with your inner healing wisdom on a journey into expanded states of consciousness and self-discovery. We invite you to experience the power and healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, community, and rewilding in nature.

For anyone in a psychedelic-assisted therapy training program, this workshop may fulfill your requirement for practical experience sitting for others in expanded states of consciousness. We invite you to come and experience the power and healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, community and rewilding in nature.

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Contraindications to this workshop include: pregnancy, serious heart conditions, epilepsy, glaucoma, retinal detachment, history of severe mental or emotional disorders, acute infectious disease, and recent injury or surgery.

Participants must reside on campus during the workshop.

Upon registration, you will be emailed forms that the Faculty requires you to complete prior to the start of the course. Once completed, please email them to ClassApplications@eOmega.org.

GTT Staff

thomas francescott

thomas francescott

Tom Francescott, ND (module facilitator) 

In 2004, Tom began his personal journey with Holotropic Breathwork after the loss of his sister. After having a “lifechanging” experience on the mat, he knew instantly that Holotropic Breathwork was to play a pivotal role in his life and his life's work. In 2007 he became certified as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. Since then, Tom has helped facilitate many GTT modules, as well as certification in the US.

Independently, he loves to offer Holotropic Breathwork workshops, weaving mindfulness, nature immersion, naturopathic and wholistic healing principles, and more. He is director and founder of Dr. Tom's Tonics: Healing Center & Natural Pharmacy, where he maintains a busy private practice specializing in chronic Lyme disease and helping people heal body, heart, mind, and spirt.

On a personal note, Tom and his husband Vincenzo enjoy living in the Hudson Valley, where Tom was born and raised. In his free time, Tom loves tennis, traveling, shamanism, spiritual adventures, and swimming in the ocean. 



Laurane McGlynn

Laurane McGlynn

Dr. Laurane McGlynn (workshop leader) is a clinical psychologist who integrates mind/body medicine with holistic approaches to healing and transformation. She holds doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Child and Adolescent Therapy. In addition, she has advanced training and certifications in mindfulness-based stress reduction, somatic resourcing, Vipassana meditation, Family Systems Therapy, Past-Life Regression and Health Psychology. In 2021, she completed training in Mind/Body medicine from Harvard Medical School. In addition, she is currently enrolled in a Masters program in Integrative Medicine. Laurane has earned licensure as a psychologist in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. She is the Director of the Center for Counseling and Wellness - an integrative holistic healing center in PA. She was certified as a Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator in 2015. She currently offers weekend workshops and four-day double Holotropic breathwork sessions through Grof Transpersonal Training.

Laurane feels her experiences in the Grof Transpersonal Training program have been some of the most deeply healing and profound experiences of her life. She feels honored to have been trained by Stan Grof and Tav Sparks and is deeply committed to continuing their legacy through her teaching and workshops.


150 lake drive, rhinebeck US,