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Tim O'Connell

Tim O'Connell

Tim O’Connell certified in Holotropic Breathwork in 1995. Since 1996-present he has offered HB 4-6 workshops every year except the first two years of the Covid Pandemic. Tim has also been a facilitator for weekend workshops offered by Stan, Tav and Jack Kornfield and facilitated weeklong workshops with them in NY, MA, CA and Ireland.

Before becoming certified in Holotropic Breathwork, Tim worked in Higher Education, teaching English Literature for 2 yrs at Wheeling College. This is where he first developed his love for poetry. Later he worked as a Counselor at Baruch College, part of the CUNY system in NY. After getting his Doctorate in Psychology, Tim specialized in Structural Family Therapy. He was the Family Therapy Trainer for 3 years for the professional staff of a large Mental Health Clinic in NJ. Then for 10 years he was on the faculty at the Center for Family Studies in NJ, ending up as Director of Training. Tim currently is a licensed psychologist in NJ

Tim is interested in developing thinking and practices that promote activating the Inner Healer in people’s everyday lives, so that the healing power of holotropic states can be integrated and incorporated into daily life. To this end he has been a meditator for almost 30 yrs and has been practicing Jungian Active Imagination assiduously for the last 5 yrs. And the more poetry he reads the more he discovers poets who have articulated their own personal experiences of deep healing states and then write poems to awaken and offer them to the rest of us. Tim gives workshops at the Interweave Center, combining transpersonal psychology and poetry.

Peg Pipchick

Peg Pipchick

Peg’s first experienced Holotropic Breathwork 20 years ago, and became aware of her “Inner Healer.“ She learned that if she could get out of the way her inner healer would  do her work healing past traumas as well as everyday trauma. As a result she has continued to participate in HBW sessions several times a year which led her to a deep curiosity about HBW. She attended modules initially just to understand more about Breathwork. However she became more alive in the process and continued onto certification as a HBW facilitator in 2019. Trying to live with the awareness of non-ordinary states
of consciousness has carried over into her psychotherapy practice as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse. Developing an awareness of breathing, meditation and personal transformation along with a growth in her emotional, somatic and spiritual self has been an ongoing process personally. It has influenced her psychotherapy work with patients as a well as her work as a facilitator.

Peg facilitates groups in New Jersey about four times a year with Tim O’Connell. 

Following her inner Daimon, Peg’s  various  educational and experiential opportunities have prepared Peg for the Holotropic Breathwork experience :
1) While working for her graduate degree she studied the Science of Unitary Human Beings - human beings and environment are one and focused as well on Therapeutic Touch and Transpersonal Healing. This deepened her interest in inner self discovery in the Transpersonal realm.
2) A three year intensive psychotherapy program, through personal therapy along with faculty and peer supervision, focused on deepening her knowledge of the theory and practice of psychotherapy. In ongoing study groups Peg continues  to explore childhood development and attachment theory while understanding the impact on the development of the psyche, later relationships and functioning. These experiences explored and deepened her awareness that fostering relational repair of trauma happens in the transformational space.
3) While working on her doctorate in psychology, through a self-directed course of study, her interest in Self Exploration was encouraged and supported. In that course of studies, she developed an increased awareness of evolving states of spiritual development through reading Ken Wilbur and became acquainted with Stan Grof’s work with non-ordinary states of consciousness as a way of healing and deep self-exploration for personal growth.

Peg has practiced yoga for over 20 years, meditated for most of her adult life, take long healing walks in nature, spends time with family and watches her youngest grandchildren ages 4 and 2 who bring love, innocence and joy that can only come through children of that age.


Central Avenue, Westfield United States, 07016

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