Kerry Marumoto


Kerry Marumoto (module facilitator) spent his career as a senior marketing executive in the ski, outdoor and action sports industries. Shortly after leaving his career, he experienced a series of spontaneous and profound spiritual openings while attending a weeklong retreat in the mountains of New Mexico. Several years later, in the depth of his own Spiritual Emergency, he remembered this previous experience and sought out breathwork as a lifeline and found profound resolution, eventually entering into a 2-year apprenticeship training.

In his passionate search for understanding the root nature of the transformational effects of breathwork, he discovered Stan Grof’s work and attended his first GTT modules in 2013. Feeling compelled to continue pursuing his own spiritual exploration, he completed the training and certified in 2015. Intrigued and ever curious about the nuance of the work, he continued apprenticing at the GTT modules and began facilitating on staff in 2018.

He lives in the ski resort of Sun Valley, ID and loves spending time in the natural world, kayaking wild rivers, exploring remote mountain peaks and backcountry skiing.


He’s currently developing a program utilizing Holotropic Breathwork®, Voice Dialogue, the Enneagram and contemplative time in nature for senior executives and entrepreneurs, who are seeking deeper purpose and meaning in their professional and personal lives.

Kerry Marumoto

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