Tim O'Connell


Tim O’Connell certified in Holotropic Breathwork in 1995. Since 1996-present he has offered HB 4-6 workshops every year except the first two years of the Covid Pandemic. Tim has also been a facilitator for weekend workshops offered by Stan, Tav and Jack Kornfield and facilitated weeklong workshops with them in NY, MA, CA and Ireland.

Before becoming certified in Holotropic Breathwork, Tim worked in Higher Education, teaching English Literature for 2 yrs at Wheeling College. This is where he first developed his love for poetry. Later he worked as a Counselor at Baruch College, part of the CUNY system in NY. After getting his Doctorate in Psychology, Tim specialized in Structural Family Therapy. He was the Family Therapy Trainer for 3 years for the professional staff of a large Mental Health Clinic in NJ. Then for 10 years he was on the faculty at the Center for Family Studies in NJ, ending up as Director of Training. Tim currently is a licensed psychologist in NJ

Tim is interested in developing thinking and practices that promote activating the Inner Healer in people’s everyday lives, so that the healing power of holotropic states can be integrated and incorporated into daily life. To this end he has been a meditator for almost 30 yrs and has been practicing Jungian Active Imagination assiduously for the last 5 yrs. And the more poetry he reads the more he discovers poets who have articulated their own personal experiences of deep healing states and then write poems to awaken and offer them to the rest of us. Tim gives workshops at the Interweave Center, combining transpersonal psychology and poetry.

Tim O'Connell

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