Global Connections

Holotropic Breathwork® is offered all over the world. And many organisations and institutions are promoting the work in expanded states of consciousness.  

Holotropic Breathwork® Worldwide

In addition to the below list, you can find information for many European countries for Holotropic Breathwork® facilitators, events and training at our sister site Holotropic Association Europe.

Below are a list of organizations and individuals offering Holotropic Breathwork® worldwide. This is a partial list, so you are looking for a GTT certified facilitator in addition to those listed here, please look at the website of , which allows you to search facilitators by name or country. 

The countries are listed in alphabetical order (If you are HB certified (outside of North American) and would like to be added to this list, drop us a line at

  • AUSTRALIA: On the you can find all ongoing HB events in Australia as well as a list of active facilitators.
  • AUSTRIA: All events can be found
  • EUROPE: As noted, events in many European countries can be found
  • CROATIA: Events can be found 
  • CZECH REPUBLIC: Events can be found
  • FINLAND: Events can be found . Information (in either English or Finnish) is also available at .
  • HUNGARY: Events can be found 
  • POLAND: Polish language information can be found here. Training modules in Poland are also on the GTT events page.
  • SLOVENIA: Events can be found .
  • SPAIN: In Spain several Holotropic Breathwork® facilitators are offering workshops which you can find under here.
  • SWITZERLAND: Holotropic Breathwork® can be found in and in .
  • WORLDWIDE: See the events page.
  • UK: Events can be found .